One of the orphanages we visited had small cut-out pieces of paper hanging by thread over the cribs.  It was a sad consolation to the crib mobiles we're used to seeing, but it was a step in the right direction.  

The infants in these orphanages have such little stimulation, that a mobile to look at over the crib would give their little eyes something to focus on and their little minds something to think about.  

So we've got a few ideas for very simple and very cheap crib mobiles.  These weigh almost nothing and pack completely flat, so packing them will not be an issue.  There is no limit to the number we could take with us.

Here's one that my mom made using an embroidery hoop, ribbon and scrapbook paper.  
Later she found a way to make them using plastic tubes which I think she is melting together with her stove top... sooo... we won't cover that method here today.  But here are several links to other types of mobiles.  
As with all of these projects there is no wrong or right way to make them.  (Unless you are using your stove.)  So take a look at the ideas or come up with your own, it doesn't matter.  

And I know you're going to ask, when do we need them by.  I wish we knew!  We still don't know when we're traveling.  That is a whole separate post that I am not yet in a condition to write.  But you have time.  You have at least a few weeks to get them to us... and I'm afraid you may have even longer as it doesn't look like we'll be traveling soon.

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