This time last year so many of us worked to make handmade diaper covers.  We were given almost 2,000 cloth diapers by a diaper service in Indianapolis and through the first half of the year we sent every diaper and cover to Ethiopia with adoptive families.  A majority of those diapers were delivered to KVI orphanage in Addis Ababa. 
Yesterday, our friends the Wages from South Carolina, received their referral for an eight month old baby girl who has been living at KVI since June.  No doubt, she benefited from those diapers and covers.  Wonderful!

Except just a few minutes ago I heard from Angi Cooper who is in Addis Ababa meeting her daughter Aerie this week.  They were at KVI orphanage just a few hours ago.  And there were no diapers.  None. 

They have 58 children and not a single diaper on anyone.  With 58 children, it's not hard to imagine that a few hundred cloth diapers didn't last long. 

So... what do we do now?
1/10/2012 03:30:34 am

We make more diapers!!!!! Ones that hopefully you can hand deliver this time.

1/10/2012 05:31:52 am

I'm ready to sew whenever you all are! I'll be looking for fabric soon!:)

1/10/2012 08:37:31 am

Eeek. I hate to hear that! Yes, let's make more!!


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