When I look at this picture now all I can think is, "Our babies lived in Ethiopia alone?!"  They all look so sad.  It's hard to imagine that our girls actually lived without us.  

These pictures were taken by Tracy in early March.  On the left is her little girl Olivia Selam, in the middle is Willow Temar (about five months old) and on the right is Aerie Paige Tsegenesh.  (Yes, seven names for three girls.)  In March, Tim and Angi had already passed court for Aerie and were back home.  Tracy was in Ethiopia for court and had just met Olivia, and we had not yet been to Ethiopia to meet Willow.  Aerie came home later that month.  Olivia came home to South Carolina in May.  

Last week we had Aerie over to our house to play.  I obviously had to dress Willow in matching colors and take 400 pictures of them.  One super-crazy little tidbit...  Olivia got a hold of her mommies phone and called me while Aerie was at our house!  It's never happened before or after.  She must have known her friends were together without her!  Someday, we'll get all three of them together again.
9/6/2012 01:30:33 am

LOVE it. My fav is that second photo! They look like they are just having their own little conversation --- "so... aren't you glad we don't have to eat that noodle junk every day? "Heck yeah!" Kinda sad Livvie doesn't have an 'after' pic with your gals too :( Maybe I can photoshop??

Meme Janet
9/6/2012 05:53:04 am

Praise the Lord for these precious, beautiful, sweet little girls!!!

Angi Cooper
9/7/2012 12:55:52 pm

Little Ethiopian princesses :) Thanking God for answered prayers :) SO tahnkful for our girls first Mommies and their love that allowed us to have the opportunity to parent our sweet girls. Angi


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