Our work here is done.  We've visited seven orphanages/children's homes in the past three days.  Every dolly found a child.  Every crib toy and mobile found a crib.  If even one child in Addis is comforted by their dolly tonight, it was worth the effort.  Thank you all so much for making these treasures and allowing us, and those traveling with us, to have the honor of delivering them and the joy of seeing the smiles on their faces.

We wouldn't have kept this pace if she hadn't been doing so well and keeping right up with us, but I think we are all three pretty tired now and ready to get home.  Ready to get home and rest together as a family of four.

Tomorrow morning we leave Addis at 10 am.  (I think that is 2 am at home.)  We fly straight to Frankfurt, no stopping in Sudan this time (yay!).  And then we have a short flight to Amsterdam where we are spending the night.  It's going to be a shock to all three of us to go straight from Yebsabi to a Sheraton!  Nothing against Yebsabi... 

And finally... here is Logan's new favorite video.  
Angi & Aerie
7/27/2012 05:25:08 am

Aerie loves this, she keeps saying "again" and smiling. Looking forward to seeing these girls grow up together :) Yay God!

7/27/2012 10:28:28 am

That's so sweet, she's something. I can't wait to see her.

Bart, Lori, Drew, and Ben
7/27/2012 11:53:16 am

Best. Video. Ever.

We love you baby girl, and we can't wait for you all to come home! Praying for safe travels!

dee lacy
7/27/2012 12:03:07 pm

This is precious!1 can't wait to see you all. Hugs and love and prayers!!!!

Meme - Janet
7/27/2012 09:40:41 pm

That baby girl's voice is the sweetest I've ever heard! I keep watching over and over and it gets sweeter and sweeter!!! Can't wait to see you little Temar! I love you so much! Love you too Brandy and Logan!!!

Kyle, Cassie, Gracie, and Emma
7/28/2012 01:42:26 pm

She is such a sweet baby girl. We can't wait to meet her. I'm sure Gracie, Emma, and Temar will have cute little tea parties at Mamaw's house. So Sweet. We love you all and are continuing to pray for you.

Bette Meng
7/28/2012 02:02:17 pm

She is absolutely adorable. Praying for safe travels home. God speed.

Jon, Samantha, and Peyton
7/31/2012 07:51:00 am

She is so precious. We love u all so much. God is so awesome. Praying for your family and cant wait to meet Temar....


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