Brandy is doing excellent today. She has been talking to us all morning. She just took two laps and did some exercises with the physical therapist - knee bends, etc. One of the doctors informed us this morning that the tumor was benign, which they were almost certain of before it even went to be tested. It's nice to have that confirmed, though.  Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers. The goal today is to keep doing laps and exercises. She's in great spirits and glad to be up and moving. If all goes well, she should be released tomorrow. 
Samantha(Lashley) Constant
4/9/2011 03:45:33 am

We have been praying for Brandy's recovery. It's great to hear that she is doing well. The good Lord is doing great things and we praise him for that. We love you both very much. Thinking of you....


4/9/2011 04:09:36 am

Great news! Thank you for the updates. You have made the worry go a little easier with your posts. Give Brandy a hug for me.

4/9/2011 04:18:04 am

So glad that I got to talk to her on the phone! She seemed to be doing well! :)

Missy K
4/9/2011 01:36:24 pm

I am so proud of you Brandy! Keep up the good work! I love you!!

4/11/2011 04:06:41 am

Just checking in! So glad things went so well! Prayers for a speedy recovery!


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