Look at this.  I could totally get used to this.  For the past several days, every time we get the mail, there is a card in it for me.  Today, Logan came home from work with a whole apple crisp from his mom.  My sister-in-law gave me a very heartfelt gift last week.  I've gotten sweet emails and phone calls.  I mean, seriously, if everyone keeps this up you aren't going to be able to handle me by the time I get home.  Every time we get the mail now I'm like, "hmmm... what's in there for me?" 

At this rate, by mid-April I probably won't accept visitors who aren't bearing gifts. 

Seriously though, every single kind gesture, no matter how big or small (or how many calories) helps.  It's really awesome to know that I'm not alone.  That people haven't forgotten about me.  And that so many, many, many people are praying for me.  I would most definitely rather not be in a situation that would warrant this kind of attention... but it is nice to have. 

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