First of all, I would like to say, "You're welcome" to the Linton Halmark and WalMart, for they have surely seen an increase in sales of Thinking of You and Get Well Soon cards. 

Second, I have a heinous confession. 
When we first announced that we were going to adopt we got the perfect reaction from our family and our close friends.  They were excited and supportive just like we expected them to be.  But back about eight months ago, when we first started spreading the word about our adoption beyond our little circle and trying to raise funds with our blog and our iPad raffle, Logan and I were completely deflated by the lack of response.  I am ashamed to say that it felt like outside of our little circle- no one really cared. 

At the same time, Logan and I were following a blog of another adoptive family.  We'll call them the Walkers, but that wasn't their real name.  The Walkers had a fancy blog, a logo for their adoption and lots of pictures of "Team Walker".  About 50 people in matching Team Walker t-shirts giddy to show up and pose for group pictures at each of their wildly successful (we imagined) fundraisers.

Logan and I were discouraged.  We did not have a Team Wade in matching t-shirts.  We were getting about 15 blog hits a day.  We were selling exactly 0 iPad raffle tickets a day.  We started to feel a very un-Christian resentment of Team Walker and their stupid t-shirts and their ridiculous logo.

Now by the time in February and March of this year when we were in the middle of the ugly business of telling the world about my tumor and my surgery, we had let go of these earlier feelings.  But we hadn't forgotten them enough to not be surprised by the swell of support that was  starting to grow.  We started getting cards from people we hardly knew, offers of help from everyone we did know, and we started eating our words and feeling very silly about the way we'd felt a few months earlier. 

Now, I sheepishly recognize that there is a Team Wade.  There always was.  Team Wade is a tremendous force.  Team Wade will empty the stores of Thinking of You cards.  Team Wade will fill your kitchen with foods so good you won't stop eating for days.  Many members of Team Wade will fly across the country.  Team Wade has so many members that we could never afford matching t-shirts.  Team Wade covers so many states that it will never be together for one group photo. 

Now I know, that the sweet little Ethiopian daughter we dream of, will one day be a sullen teenager.  And some day, like her parents, will imagine that no one cares about her.  But I want to tell you- future daughter-  as Team Wade is finishing up with me, I can see it turning its gaze toward you.  Team Wade is going to rock the Indianapolis airport when you arrive.  Team Wade is going to surround you and support you and love you the way they have surrounded, supported, and loved your mother.  They will be there forever, whether you can see them or not. 

Team Wade is waiting for you. 
Angi & Tim
4/25/2011 10:52:26 am


Angela, Mom, Memaw
4/25/2011 12:55:58 pm

Yea team Wade!!

I want to say thanks to everyone for all your support for the kids. It made them smile on some very hard days.

Hurry home Sissy Owen Wade. River's name for her.
A difficult start to the year will have the best ending.

Brittney Albright
4/26/2011 02:42:16 pm

We are so happy for you guys and the precious daughter that you will be bringing home hopefully very soon. You have gotten so much support because of the person that you are...not only very sweet and giving, but an incredibly strong one also. I am amazed at what you have gone through and your positive attitude through it all. God has been with you and will continue to be through this amazing journey. Can't wait to have 2 more babies on our block and for them to grow up together. So glad you are doing so well :) Hope to see you soon!

5/3/2011 04:07:51 am

Oh, Brandy, what a post! It's so true. There is definately a Team Wade! I can't wait to follow you as you bring your baby home in the months to follow. So glad your surgery was so successful. Take care.


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