We are One Year DTE.
When our dossier was mailed to Ethiopia one year ago today, the estimated wait time for an infant girl was 7 - 11 months.  Waiting a whole year for a referral was never in the equation.  A lot of things have changed in Ethiopia since then.

After a discouraging conference call and an even more discouraging phone call with our family coordinator, we have no idea how much longer we'll be waiting.  We feel like it could be next month or it could be next year.  And that is not to sound dramatic... we really have nothing to go on.  Even our family coordinator said that to tell us a time line would just be a guess.

Yesterday, the Reaser family finally got their infant girl referral.  Which was some of the best news we've heard all summer.  We are now back up to #4 (tied with two other families) the same place we were on the waiting list back in March.  But progress is progress and it feels good to move back up a space. 

8/27/2011 06:06:45 am

A little hope is better than none:) As always I am praying constantly. God hears all the prayers for our little girl. Love you so much!

8/28/2011 02:00:34 pm

i just watned to say i'm praying for you as your one year dte-iversary has passed. i'm sorry that you are still waiting. God's glory will be SO great in the end. Praying you get to add a new date after your name...SOON!


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