Brandy's doing remarkably well today. She sat up and ate some orange Jello for breakfast. A few minutes ago the physical therapist stopped by and took her for a lap around the 6th floor. She did great. She kept a steady pace the entire time. Right now she's sitting up in the chair and eating more ice chips. Nausea is still a problem, but she's keeping medicines and water down which is a plus. They're encouraging me to walk with her every hour. I'm pleased she's making this kind of progress so quickly!
4/8/2011 04:40:59 am

Wonderful news! Praying Brandy continues to make great strides toward recovery!!

4/8/2011 04:50:01 am

Give her a hug from me and tell her I love her!

4/8/2011 06:14:30 am

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

4/8/2011 07:02:50 am

Good to hear that she is up and around! Praying that the nausea would completely abate.

Stacia Spencer
4/8/2011 07:58:28 am

I am so glad to hear that she is doing well! Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery

Angi & Tim
4/8/2011 12:44:14 pm

Brandy- we are there in spirit cheering you on! Love you, Ang


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