Thursday night we emailed the US Embassy ourselves.  We introduced ourselves to Evan, the man who will review our case, and explained the events of the past six months.  We laid out our case and all of our evidence and asked him to please allow us to be submitted as soon as possible.

He wrote us back early Friday morning to say he'd allow us to be submitted on Monday.  But there is a small catch, of course.  We are missing a silly letter from MOWCYA.  It isn't a big deal, it doesn't require a signature or anything special.  They literally just have to copy and paste the names into a template and print it off. 

AWAA's Ethiopia staff spent hours Thursday and Friday in the MOWCYA office waiting on this one letter and they still don't have it.  This is typical of MOWCYA.  We have many friends who are waiting on MOWCYA for one thing or another right now.  

We can't be submitted without this letter, meaningless as it is, or rather it would at least be BEST if we were submitted with this letter.  So even though we have the go-ahead from Evan to be submitted on Monday, we don't have this letter from MOWCYA yet.

I'll break down the three scenarios we're looking at right now.

We could be submitted on Monday.  If AWAA can go into the MOWCYA office on Monday morning (1 am our time is 8 am in Ethiopia) and pick up the letter, they can take our file straight to the US Embassy and submit us.  This is the best possible scenario.  This is what we need prayers for.

We could be submitted on Tuesday.  If the plan doesn't work on Monday, they'll try the same thing on Tuesday.

We could be submitted on Wednesday.  We have told AWAA that if they still don't have the MOWCYA letter by Wednesday, try to submit us without it.  Our case would be stronger with it, but we don't want to wait forever either.  The US Embassy could tell them that they can't submit us without it, but we want them to try.  

So one of these three things will hopefully happen this coming week.  We could use prayers that MOWCYA will have that letter ready first thing Monday morning.

In the past two days we've gotten pictures and video from two families and an update with pictures from AWAA.  She has at least two teeth now, is crawling fast and sitting up well.  It was so good to see her smiling!  Here are some highlights from the new pictures.

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