We really were!!  We got the email at 7:06 a.m.  The case of "Wade, Teemar Logan" was finally submitted to the US Embassy!  

Now we wait for their response.  They will most likely ask for Aberash to travel back to Addis for an interview.  (Last time she interviewed with the Ethiopian Court.  This time will be for the US Embassy.)

Hopefully, her testimony will be enough and we would be cleared to pick up Willow immediately.  

We need prayers that we hear a response from the Embassy soon.  We think they have ten days to respond with what they want to do next (i.e. interview Aberash)... but we're praying they won't take ten days.  We want to know now!  

So the best case scenario: We hear from the US Embassy this week that they want to interview Aberash next week (week of July 16th) or the next week (week of July 23rd) and for us to be cleared on the day of the interview.  Then we could get on a plane immediately and bring her home!
7/9/2012 08:18:41 am

So happy for you! Love you!

Stacy Lewellyn
7/9/2012 02:40:03 pm

Such wonderful news!

Lyndsey Reed
7/9/2012 11:26:17 pm

YAAAAAAAAYYYY!! Madi will FINALLY get to meet sissy!! Love you guys!!


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