Update from family-from-afar.blogspot.com and Childrens HopeChest:

"Sunday Night Update: 
We just got an update on Webit from the Hopechest staff in Ethiopia.  The details are still sketchy and the email is a bit hard to understand due to the language barrier but this is what we know.

Webit had surgery yesterday and she awoke from anesthesia in the afternoon.  She was talking and her voice sounded strong.  This morning she was able to sip some tea.  Her family is incredbily thankful - the email expresses gratitude to her sponsor family and everyone that is praying for her and helping with the medical fund. 

Over and over they praise God and give thanks.  They felt like "death was knocking at the door" and that this surgery and medical care were just in time.  They are praising God for this intervention and are asking for continued prayers as her little body fights the infection and as she recovers.  As soon as we have more information, I will update here. 

Please keep Webit and her family in your prayers.

                     Webit with Emma from her sponsor family.  They are the same age.

Following Webit's story this past week has been strange for me.  Here is a little girl from a third world country having surgery for a life-threatening cancer.  And here is me, preparing for surgery next week, with the best surgeons in the country, with health insurance, with family to help pay my bills, with more offers for help than we will ever use.  And yet, I'm still scared.

So how much infinitely more scared must Webit and her family be?  How much more valuable is this innocent little seven year old girl than me?  I think, as Americans, we sometimes push these children and these stories out of our mind and think, "Oh, they're not like us."  So that we can imagine that they don't feel like we would feel.

But, you know what?  We are all the same.  Webit is just like every other seven year old girl you know. 

Angi Cooper works with Hospice and I think her words say everything...
"We are praying for a miracle for her and that she finds comfort at the hospital as well as Christs' love through our donations.  As I work daily with Hospice patients I see first hand the value of comfort medicines.  I am praying Webit is healed from her cancer, but cancer is mean, it is painful and my heart breaks to think we could ease her pain and don't."

Webit's family has no money for medical care.  But through the Herwehe family (her sponsor family) and Childrens HopeChest Webit has been admitted to the hospital in Addis Ababa.  They are collecting financial support to continue her care there.  So, if you haven't already, please consider helping.  The instructions for monetary donations are below, but at the very least please consider spreading her story through your own blogs, facebook, and email.  Maybe someone you know would feel moved to help this family.

To donate follow these instructions:

Please go to the Children's HopeChest website at www.hopechest.org
Click on GIVE
Under "Choose a Fund", specify DESIGNATED GIFT
Enter the 9 digit account code ET2119000
In the notes area, specify MEDICAL

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