Why a daughter?
We already have a son! 

Why Ethiopia?
Ethiopia is a country of 77 million people.  Half of the population is under 20 years old.  Of the 77 million, approximately 4.3 million are orphaned children.  That means there are more orphaned children in Ethiopia than there are people living in Los Angeles. 
Although Ethiopia has been a successful and self-sufficient country throughout history, in recent years it has been hit hard with famine and HIV/AIDS.  The orphan crisis has scaled out of control and beyond the capabilities of their own resources.   In the past ten years, some of these orphans have found families through international adoption.  Roughly 2200 were adopted by Americans last year.  Adoption is not a solution to Ethiopia's problems, but for many of Ethiopia's orphans, international adoption is their only chance at being a part of a family again.

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