We counted 204 dollies made from friends, family and church members here and many other folks from around the country.  We were able to squish them all down with a space bag and fit them in one suitcase.  It kind of looks like a crime scene.  
Then we counted 214 crib toys. 
It amazes me that 214 of these things were made after one crazy sketch I drew on the flight home.  I would have never dreamed anyone would even try it.  I mean, what do I know about toy design?  But these things are awesome.  And for the record... I never made a single one myself.
We have tons of crib mobiles and reversible dresses and floor playmat quilts.  
Since May, every corner of our house has accumulated donations.  Our living room has been sewing headquarters.  Bags of dolls, boxes of scrubs, baskets of cloth diapers are everywhere.  At first, they helped me to remember that we were going back soon and it was comforting.  But lately, it's a constant reminder that it's been three months.  

I can't take it any more.  This weekend I'm determined to get our bags packed, ship off our extra donations to other families who can pack them too, clean up and get ready for her to come home.  I just need for things to be ready. 

Even if they sit there like that, bags packed, for weeks.  I just can't continue to look at things the way they've been.  Something has to change.  We need to feel like we're doing something, that there is hope, that this will end soon.

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