This little gal and her four siblings live in Guatemala.  Last Friday, when most of us were Christmas shopping, they were found all alone and eating dirt to fill their bellies.  The oldest child of the five, a nine year old girl, is their only mother figure.
On Friday they were taken to Eagle's Nest Orphanage where the Block family live.  We started following the Block family's blog a couple of years ago, because they have the cutest Ethiopian little girl we'd ever seen and we continued following them when they moved out of their nice house, sold everything they had and moved to Guatemala (with seven of their nine children) to work at Eagle's Nest Orphanage. 

The orphanage has three bedrooms and 32 children.  There is no room for these additional five.  But no other orphanage in the area has room for them either.  You can read about that here: No Room

So in order for these five children to stay at Eagle's Nest they need to raise some money quickly.  They are challenging you to donate $10 and share their story with 10 peopleIf you have a blog or Facebook, you can easily share with more than 10 people. 

I know you're thinking, ten dollars is kind of a lot this week.  I mean, we have so many other things to buy this week for Christmas.  That was my first thought and I almost clicked away and left the computer.  But then in my head popped all of the things I spent $10 on yesterday.  Taco Bell.  Dog food.  Christmas desserts. 

If Christmas is really about Jesus in my life, do I want to save my $10 (What if I decide to order a pizza today?  Or need a few more stocking stuffers?) or should I give from my abundance to His children in need?  Five children, with no mommy or daddy, who were just last Friday filling their hungry, empty stomachs with dirt. 

The Block's have found a generous donor who is willing to match your donation.  So your $10 turns into $20.  So please consider giving and please take a moment to share their story on your own blog or Facebook. 

You can link to their story here: Are You Up for the Challenge?

You can donate here: DONATE TO EAGLE'S NEST

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