The day before Brandy's surgery in Los Angeles, we had many appointments to go to. Near the end of the day, one of the doctors told us to go out, relax, and eat a good meal since the next day was going to be a bit stressful. He was telling us about all the different neighborhoods that offer ethnic foods like Greek, Italian, Chinese, etc. I asked, "What about Ethiopian?" His eyes lit up. He quickly told us about Little Ethiopia, a small neighborhood west of downtown and south of Hollywood (Fairfax Ave and Olympic Blvd). I told him our reasoning for wanting Ethiopian, which lead to a conversation about our adoption.

We ended up eating at a restaurant called Messob, which was a real treat. Brandy's mom, dad, and brother had never had Ethiopian before. They really enjoyed it. It was quite amazing to see an entire neighborhood draped in flags of green, yellow, and red with store front windows and signs covered in Amharic.

Angi & Tim
4/29/2011 01:18:18 pm



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