AWAA Ethiopian adoptive families are working together to raise support for four organizations already working to provide famine relief in the Horn of Africa.

This one day fundraiser allows you to donate any amount (as little as one dollar) to any of four organizations. 

To encourage your donation over $25 or over $50, we have created a list of items for you to shop from.  We have t-shirts, jewelry, even a full-size Scentsy warmer.  Choose your item, show us proof of your donation, and we'll send you the item of your choice.  As long as supplies last.

Please visit our site and have a look around:

Whether you decide to donate today or not... please pass on this website through your own blog, Facebook, email or Twitter.  We sincerely appreciate your support!

Fundraiser ends at midnight Thursday, August 11th.

Update!  As of 4 pm the site has raised $2300!

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