We are slowly finding families to take our cloth diapers to Ethiopia.  I learned this week that one adoption agency has actually requested their families collect cloth diapers for the orphanages.  So we aren't the only family with a house full of diapers.  Here are a couple of the other families collecting:



One of these women has just returned from Ethiopia and I wanted to share what she wrote about the conditions in the orphanages...

Well, first, my agency put out a "request" for cloth diapers..And, well, this didn't surprise me since I JUST GOT back from Ethiopia and I witnessed naked bare bottomed babies everywhere!! (not with my agency...just every where you looked) So, you don't see this in the transition homes...but you see this in the state run orphanages IN and MOSTLY OUT of the city!! So, seriously, babies are using the "bathroom" all over themselves ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT!! I held naked babies with only tshirts on EVERY WHERE i went!! And, this ISN'T to judge or cast a FROWN upon these people...THESE ORPHANAGES AND WORKERS ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN!!! They are dealing with survival and are working around the clock harder than you and I could ever imagine!! They are kind, wonderful, caring people that LOVE these babies and children...but yet...when it comes to buying things for their orphanages, they MUST choose food and formula first!!! People rarely visit these places because they are so far out...so things like cloth diapers wear out and don't get replaced!! Simply that!! So, if agencies were DONATED tons of cloth diapers...well, then they'd fill the need of their transition homes in the city...then extras can start being handed out to the state run orphanages!! (and I know transition homes are ALREADY giving out their extra supplies all the time...but most of the time THEY need new cloth diapers too...so we just need LOTS) How GREAT would that be!!

Want to help?
  • We need donations of diaper pins, size large space bags (for packing more at a time), and A&D (diaper rash cream).
  • You can also make a cash donation through our paypal button, which we will use to purchase supplies here or send with families to buy formula while they are in Ethiopia.
  • If you know how to sew I can provide you with a pattern, instructions and materials for making waterproof cloth diaper covers. 
There are collection boxes at both entrances of Linton First Christian Church or contact us and we would be happy to pick up the donations ourselves.
1/19/2011 12:55:30 pm

Hi Brandy,

We are also with AWAA. We were DTE 11.12.10. My sewing skills are very minimal, but if you can send me the pattern I'll see if it is something I can handle or not. I'm so thrilled to see all of the love being poured out for these children!

Thanks - Tiffany tiffygator@gmail.com

1/26/2011 12:01:41 am

Go to 1,000 Cloth Diapers for Ethiopian Orphans on Facebook. That family is (hopefully) going back to Ethiopia soon. Maybe they can help deliver your collection

1/28/2011 09:14:51 pm

This is such an incredible blessing!! When we traveled for our court date, we visited the orphanages you are sewing for. It was shocking for me to be surrounded by so many babies that had so little - not even diapers. I am so thankful for your family!!

3/18/2011 10:36:51 am

Would LOVE to help on this or hear an update. I am having a baby shower for my own child and want to partner with someone going to an orphanage to donate cloth... Also would love that pattern for diaper covers... could easily have a sewing party at my baby shower!!!! We've made cloth covers before, but would like to see your pattern, too. Thanks so much! bethanyhaid at gmail dot com


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