We've finally delivered almost all of our donations to the orphanages we're visiting.  We have one bag of miscellaneous items and some formula to deliver to Kids Care.  Today we took toothbrushes, toothpaste, diaper rash cream, some infant clothing, and mattress covers to Abenezer and an entire suitcase of shoes to KVI.  

Seeing these orphanages with our own eyes, makes us realize the needs here are REAL.  We have several good ideas for donations to collect and toys and items that can be made when we get home.  We will most certainly be bringing as many donations as we can with us next time.  
Cloth diapers drying at Abenezer.
A few ideas we have for when we get home...
  • Making mobiles to hang over cribs.  
  • Making reversible dresses (especially to hand out to children on the street)
  • Making infant play mats.  (look up play mat on etsy.com)
  • Making baby dolls that we can pass out to the children in the orphanages.  (with the help of DollyDonations.blogspot.com)
  • Possibly making more diaper covers.
Those are just small, light easy to pack things we can bring in space bags.  We'll also be bringing more cloth diapers (the ones we saw drying were worn through) and other items.  And of course, cash for formula.  

Tomorrow we go for court.  That is late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning back home.  Please pray that we pass tomorrow.  We want to leave Ethiopia knowing that she is officially ours.  And we want to move on to the next step, clearing with the US Embassy as quickly as possible!  

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