We have $224 for formula so far!  Please continue to donate 
($6 at a time really adds up) and help us spread the word! 
We just heard from our AWAA family coordinator that two of the orphanages we're visiting need shoes for children 11 - 15 years old.  Thanks to my cousin Heather and aunt Teressa we have quite a few pair of shoes now, but we could still use more!  So please, if you have gently used children's shoes or are willing to purchase new shoes, let us know!
Both orphanages have a desperate need for formula.  Specifically formula for mal-nourished babies.  Once upon a time we were able to get a huge donation of this kind of a formula, that had been sitting in a medical closet in Bloomington with no where to go.  So if you know anyone in the medical field, please ask them about formula!  Also, if you would like to purchase this formula it is called Neutramigen and is available at Wal-Mart.  This is one kind of formula we would like to pack to take with us as it may not be available in-country.  Or donate here using our donate button!

The orphanages also need cloth diapers, which praise the Lord, we have more of than we can even pack.  Thank you so much Tidy Tushies in Bloomington!  If anyone else would like to donate cloth diapers we'd be happy to put them back for our next trip. 

You can contact us at BrandyDWade at gmail dot com.

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