Wednesday March 7, 2012
Linton First Christian Church 
Hwy 54 Linton, Indiana 
7:00 pm 
The purpose of their tour is to bring the awareness to the millions of children around the world in need of care.

Two of these children (we don't know which two) and a chaperone will be staying in our home from the 6th to 9th.  We are so excited and hopeful to share our home with children from Ethiopia at a time that will probably be days before we travel to Ethiopia ourselves!

If you live in the Linton area and would like to help on the night of the concert we are in great need of volunteers!  We need help preparing a meal we will serve at 4:30 on the 7th for the choir, the host families, the chaperones and staff.  We need volunteers for both cooking and serving.  We also need folks to spread the word about the concert and help us fill the seats!  
2/9/2012 08:02:15 am

What beautiful and precious children! Can't wait to see the concert! I'll spread the word around school!


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