We passed court!  

Meet our Ethiopian daughter

Willow Temar Logan Wade!
She will be reading this post someday, so please leave her a comment!

04/19/2012 12:12am

Welcome my beautiful precious little grand-daughter!! Your Pappaw and I can't wait for you to come home and finally get to hold you. Soon we won't have to imagine looking into those beautiful eyes! This is a most wonderful dream come true for your Mom and Dad. Your brother has been waiting so long to take care of his sissy. We love you so so much!!

Marissa Ruper
04/19/2012 12:22am


Brandy and Logan, I am SOOOOO happy for you!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!!! I wish I could pick her up off the screen and hug her. Flipping out for you!!!!!!

Dana Rieves
04/19/2012 12:38am

Welcome to the family pretty girl. I can't wait to meet you, hold you and give you a kiss.

Great Aunt Dana

From River
04/19/2012 1:35am

I love you Willow!!! I'm glad you're my new sissy! I will share my toys with you! I will kiss you when I see you!

04/19/2012 1:35am

OH. MY. Goodness!!!! She is SO precious!!!! Congrats, rejoicing with you all today!!!!!

04/19/2012 1:41am

I am your Meme and I love you very much!!! You are everything I've ever dreamed of and much more! I can't wait to hold you and kiss your sweet face! You are beautiful! Im so thankful God chose you for us!

04/19/2012 1:55am

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Jessi Bohnert
04/19/2012 2:45am

Congrats!!! She is gorgeous. We can't wait to meet her. :)

Dee Lacy
04/19/2012 2:45am

Praise god! Our prayers are being answered! He is so good!!!

04/19/2012 2:46am

What great news!!! So happy for all 4 Wades and so happy to be a part of this gorgeous girl's story. You guys are forever a part of our family and i am thrilled to think about the joy i know you have today!

Lori and Bart
04/19/2012 2:51am

Sweet baby girl, oh how we love you so. Oh how your Momma and Daddy have prayed for you, waited for you, yearned for you... perfect little you. The depth of the love surrounding you is immeasurable. Today the courts made official what we all have known before we even saw your face... that you are your Momma and Daddy's daughter. Forever. We love you so much, precious Willow.

04/19/2012 3:36am

Welcome to the family, Willow!! You are the answer to countless prayers and a blessing to your sweet Mommy & Daddy. I can't wait to meet you!! <3

04/19/2012 4:00am

Dear Willow,
You are such a beautiful and blessed girl! Your mommy and daddy have loved you and prayed for you for a long time, even before they saw your face. We prayed for you, too! We are excited for them to bring you home, take care of you, and teach you about Jesus. May God bless you as you grow!
Alan and Dawn Kicklighter

04/19/2012 4:03am

Oh, the CUTE! It's killin' me! Congratulations Wade Family and Welcome Li'l Miss Willow! What a blessing xoxooxo

04/19/2012 4:37am

She is gorgeous!!!! She looks so happy to be with you!

04/19/2012 4:40am

Congratulations Willow! I'm so excited that you are officially a Wade! We started the process with your family in 2010 and we are SO EXCITED for all of you! Praying you get to come home soon! Your family is SO BLESSED to have you!

Archie Ellett
04/19/2012 4:55am

I can't wait to see you Willow. You are so beautiful and you have a great family!

Halea Franklin
04/19/2012 4:55am

Willow Temar Logan Wade, the Franklin family is so excited to meet you. My husband is good friends with your daddy and Uncle Bart. They had a lot of fun together growing up across the street from one another. I hope my kids enjoy having their grandma live across the street from your Grandma and Grandpa Wade. They cannot wait to meet you! We have been praying for you and are so happy that we will be meeting you soon.

Heather Rogers
04/19/2012 5:54am

She's gorgeous!!! Congratulations on passing court. I think you should leave her last name as Logan Wade:)

Stephanie Carter
04/19/2012 5:59am

Willow I have been blessed to get to know your mommy, daddy, and River over the past year or so. They became friends to my sister Angie and my brother-n-law Tim, Aerie's mommy and daddy. You have been blessed with amazing parents! Their love for God and their faith is incredible. You are getting a mommy and daddy who's love has no boundaries. They have a great heart and has blessed us with their love and joy. Ur mommy is a strong woman! She put together Aerie's baby shower, when she was still waiting to hear about you. She showed pure happiness and love for Angie to be able to through a shower for Angie when she was waiting to hear about you. Her love of God and friendship was glowing through her that day! Through the grace of God, she put together an amazing baby shower, I can't imagine her strength that she had to get through that day! Your mommy, daddy, Angie, Tim, and many others worked hard through the church ministry and many other avenues to help woman and children in Africa. They sold bracelets, necklesses, hair accessories, and many other things to raise money for you, Aerie, and others. They never lost their faith that God was watching over you and them and that he would bring you together at the perfect time. Always know that you are loved and wanted more than you could ever understand. You will be part of a wonderful church (LFCC) filled with love, faith, joy, exceptance, and all that u need! My daughter started going there with Angie and Tim. She loves it there! I'm sure you will as well! Everyone is there for the right reasons and their unconditional love and faith will get you through all life has for you. Your parents are sweet and truely wonderful Christians. We are so excited to meet u and be blessed to watch you grow up into a beautiful woman inside and out, and full of Gods love and spirit! I have so much love and excitement for you and your family! Life is great, because through God all things are possible! Xoxoxo <3 c u soon! :)

04/19/2012 6:01am

congratulations!!!! i seriously gasped when i saw how beautiful she is!!!!! praying the time will fly by until she is home with you for good.

04/19/2012 6:04am

Welcome (officially) to the family Miss Willow!! Even though you've been a part of the family even before we knew who you were! You're going to be in for a treat with our family, I hope you're ready for it! :) Can't wait until you're home and we can love all over you and spoil you to pieces! Also, can't wait to see you and River play together! He's going to be an awesome big brother! It's amazing how much we've all loved you with out even knowing you. I hope you will be home soon, can't wait to wait for you at the airport! Make sure your Mommy and Daddy give you a kiss for me before they leave! I love you Willow!

Missie Moore
04/19/2012 6:30am

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

04/19/2012 7:13am

CONGRATULATIONS, Mommy and Daddy! God has blessed you with a very precious and beautiful little girl! Willow, as you grow you will come to realize what an amazing Mommy and Daddy you are blessed to have! Such a beautiful family you all are!

04/19/2012 7:30am

Congratulations to you all!!


You are now part of one terrific family. You are loved more than you can ever imagine! I cannot wait for them to get you home, sweet baby girl.

Dusty, Westin, Marley and I look forward to meeting you! I think you and Marley will be good friends one day. =)

Big hugs to all of you from the LeDunes!

Nancy Johnson
04/19/2012 7:38am

Beautiful Willow ~ I am your Aunt Nanny ~ Little Mamaw's sister
We are so thankful that you are in our family now & we already love you.
Thank you God & Mommy & Daddy & your brother River for bringing you to us. You are so blessed to be in a family that loves each other so much. We can't wait to meet you & hold your little heart next to ours. Love & kisses, Aunt Nanny

04/19/2012 9:33am

She is so beautiful! Congratulations on passing court! So excited for you!
Christin Lites

Terri Steves
04/19/2012 1:17pm


04/19/2012 2:49pm

Princess Willow, I love you very much. I thank God for choosing you to be a part of our family. I think you are the most beautiful little girl pa has ever seen. I can't wait till you get home so meme and I can kiss your sweet little face. Pa

Angi Tim & Aerie
04/19/2012 3:30pm

Little Willow Temar, Words can't express how happy we are to know that you passed court today. Your journey home has been such a beautiful adventure. We thank God that we have gotten to watch your story unfold and we look forward to many more happy days watching you blossom :) We are praising God tonight for the gift of you in our lives. Praying you home Willow Temar! Angi Tim & Aerie

Stephanie Mounts
04/19/2012 4:34pm

I am so happy to have you finally become an official part of the family, although you have been part of the family for a while now! Willow you have great parents that have waited a really long time for you and a big brother River that has waited so long for his Sissy to come home. I can't wait to meet you and hold you! I love you Willow and your wonderful new parents and big brother!

Rita Becker
04/19/2012 5:13pm

I work with Grandpa Wade and heard the excitement in his voice the day your Mom and Dad landed in Ethiopia to pick you up and bring you home. :) Welcome to America, Willow Temar, and God Bless you!

04/19/2012 6:12pm

Willow is going to fit into our family perfectly! It's been a while since we've had a little girl to pamper, and I can hardly wait! Lots of love to you all, and safe journey home:)

04/20/2012 2:05pm

Hi Willow! As your future Sensei I cannot wait to begin your self defense training. We will begin with Tai Chi for balance and to help find your spirit focus. Then, onto Swooping Crane style for agility. Lastly, Praying Mantis style...in case your enemies come for you while your eyes are closed and your hands are clasped together.

Also, you are quite a cutie!:)

04/20/2012 10:51pm

Thanks Jack! HA HA HA HA HA HA!! We are in tears. You win for weirdest comment. Not that there was any competition.

Robyn Davidson
04/21/2012 3:47am

Congratulations!! What a beautiful little girl!! I'm so happy for all of you. God is so good. ~ Robyn

valerie hall
04/21/2012 5:24pm

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White
They are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world!!

04/23/2012 2:44pm

Willow, you look so content and happy with your mommy and daddy.When you come home, mamma peepie will be waiting to rock you and give your bottle to you.

Amanda J
04/24/2012 1:08pm

Willow, I feel so blessed to have witnessed Brandy & Logan's journey to you so far. I hope you feel as blessed to have us in your life as we feel knowing your parents and getting to know you! You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful life in front of you. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

04/25/2012 12:07pm

Congratulations! She is SO, SO beautiful!! I am so happy for your family! ;)

05/05/2012 11:15am

Hi Willow! You are such a cutie pie. Can't wait until you come home. You and River will have so much fun playing together.

Amy Siadal
08/17/2014 4:25pm

Hello - my name is Amy and I have adopted, w/ my husband, from Ethiopia as well. We traveled to Harar and Dire Dawa too, as our children are from those cities. I loved seeing your photos (as I was too overwhelmed to take more photos). I really appreciate you posting them. Our daughter was born in December of 2012 and most likely would have been in Dire Dawa w/in four months. Not sure if that lines up w/ your timeline of visiting Ethiopia. Our son was born in Harar in Sept of 2012. Thanks again for posting these pictures. This is when the internet is fabulous.


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