From left: Logan, River, Me, Adam Boster, Steffany Boster, Angi, Alex, and Tim
If you read this blog even somewhat regularly, then you're familiar with my obsession with Because EVERY Mother Matters. 

Last Thursday I got a phone call from an out of area phone number that I didn't recognizeI answered and it was Steffany Boster (the founder of BEMM)She said, "Hey, we're going to be driving through Indiana in a few hours.  Where do you live!?" 

They were coming through Indiana on I-70 and we live about an hour from one of the exits.  So we planned to meet Sunday afternoon on their way back through. 

It was so good to meet them and to talk face-to-face.  Logan is working on a new brochure for them and they were able to talk about that.  Steffany was able to tell us so much about Ethiopia, the mother we are sponsoring, and what BEMM is doing over there.  It was awesome.   We had a blast.

And we owe a big thank you to River, who let us talk for two and half hours, which is longer than any three-year-old should ever be asked to sit still.  And aside from that one little piece of lettuce he threw at Adam, he was a perfect gentleman. 

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