A few months ago I stumbled across the website for Brighton Their World, an organization collecting formula for Ethiopian orphanagesThen yesterday, our friends the Seevers (who we met at the Summit) posted about meeting the Hoffmans- the founders of Brighton Their World. 

So I went back to the Brighton Their World website (on the heels of feeling preeeety good about our 617 bottles).  Lo and Behold they have collected enough for 18,277 bottles.  That is really cool. 

I love that their website says...  "Our belief is that once we know the problems exist - we are all responsible for helping to find solutions in some way. Our goal is to always be involved in projects that directly serve and brighten the lives of the least."

Which is a much more eloquent way of saying what I was attempting to say in the last post.  These guys really are an
6/4/2011 08:38:50 am

Great post, Brandy! If we all do our part, it WILL make a difference in the lives of many!



PS soooo fun meeting you and Logan at the Summit! Wish we would've had more time to chat;) Praying that your referral for your sweet girl comes quickly!!


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