Much like any country, there are borders within Ethiopia. The country has 9 regions and 2 chartered cities. The regions are broken up by ethnic group and are listed as follows:

1.) Addis Ababa (city)
2.) Afar
3.) Amhara
4.) Benishangul-Gumuz
5.) Dire Dawa (city)
6.) Gambela
7.) Harari
8.) Oromiya
9.) Somali
10.) Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region
11.) Tigray

The largest of the regions (by population and area) is the Oromiya Region (labelled "8" on the map). It's home to nearly 27 million people.

3/15/2011 01:51:05 pm

Interesting-I didn't know this!

Emily Wildeboer
6/9/2011 11:15:26 am

I'm doing a project on Ethiopia... this information was great help! My map is definetely not as good as this one, however, but it would have been worse without the help!


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