We came home from surgery one month ago today.  The balloons are deflated, the food has been eaten, the last of the flowers are wilted.  Life has gone back to normal.  Except that I haven't gone back to work yet, and won't until June 1st.  yay! 

I feel great.  Hours go by that I don't even remember that I had surgery.  I'm already getting very comfortable with hearing out of only one ear and days go by where it isn't even an issue.  And both sides of my face are working together again. 

Thinking back to how I felt and looked on April 16th, I can't believe I feel and look this good on May 16th.  Prayers have been answered.

As far as the adoption goes, we are still tied for #4 for an infant girl on the waiting list.  That hasn't changed since March 31st.  AWAA is holding a conference call tomorrow afternoon, so maybe we'll know a little bit more about what is going on after that.  We hope so.

River, on the other hand, has been working as a hired ranch hand at Mamaw and Papaw's house. 

River gives Penny the Pony a bath.
If you are thinking about buying your child those color-tinted bubbles... just don't.


Angi Cooper
05/16/2011 8:35pm

So cute! and I'm praising God for your recovery friend :) You make me smile, Ang

05/16/2011 8:54pm

I am so glad you are doing better! It amazes me that you had brain surgery a month ago. You would never know it now! :) God is amazing.

How cute is River? Love the pics!


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