I recently mentioned that we were able to send some of our diapers and covers to Uganda.  Megan Miller posted about it under the Adoption tab here on her blog. 

We sent her diapers from Toasty Baby and factory-made covers that we got from Christy a couple of months ago.  It's amazing to me how one person helping another person, helping another person can get so much done.  This was the chain of events:

1)  Toasty Baby donates 1800 diapers to me.
2)  About the same time Christy in Indianapolis gets a donation for 1400 diaper covers from another company.
3)Through blogging I discovered that I wasn't the only one trying to collect diapers and found Christy.
3)  She and I swap some diapers and covers via my sister at work in Bloomington.
4)  Michelle, a friend of Megan Millers posts on our AWAA Yahoo Group that she is looking for diapers to take to Uganda.
5)  I respond and offer ours to her.
6) Angi packages them.
7)  Logan ships them. 

No one person did an extraordinary amount of work... but we accomplished something together.  It makes me wonder what more we can accomplish when we work together?

I also wanted to give an update on the headbands post I did back in February.  My Crazy Adoption was collecting headbands to pass out to women and children in Ethiopia.  My mother-in-law and I sent about 17, I think.  Maybe some of you made a donation.  Here is her post on passing them out while she was there. 

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