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I am booking fundraisers in two-week increments beginning Sept 29th through Dec 15th.  I have spots available for five families. Here's the deal:

  1. First of all, I know you are all watching your budgets and purchasing luxuries like Mary Kay for yourself is probably out of the question. So, for the hostess, during your two week fundraiser you may purchase any Mary Kay product for yourself at cost. You'll pay the wholesale price (50% of the retail price) plus tax. So as you shop for yourself imagine paying half of the retail price plus tax. That's an awesome deal!

  2. You will receive a check for 25% of the total amount of Mary Kay I sell during your two week fundraiser. You'll be promoting this fundraiser to your friends, family, and coworkers with catalogs and my website. You'll get 25% of sales you are able to stir up, PLUS 25% of any other sales that come through my website during your fundraiser. 

  3. Your friends and family who order product during the two-week fundraiser will become part of your “List.” In the highly probable event that someone on your “List” re-orders product from me at any time during the rest of your adoption you will receive a check for 15% of that order. So your fundraising will continue long after your fundraiser is over!

I have five spots available! Please contact me if you are interested! 
BrandyDWade (at) gmail.com

Sept 29th - 9th
Oct 10th - 23rd
Oct 24th - 6th
Nov 21st - 4th
Dec 5th - 15th

Shop anytime at www.marykay.com/brandydwade.

And finally some good news! 

After months and months without movement, we finally moved up the list.  We're now tied for number #3. 

I've been taking pictures for this very occasion!  I'd better start working on twos...
Saturday afternoon Angi Cooper and I spent hours making jewelry with other women from around the area. 

We're selling the bracelets, earrings and necklaces at the Bloomfield Apple Festival October 7th and 8th to raise money for the organization Because Every Mother Matters.

We'll also be selling African-made headbands.

Me and Angi Cooper
Passing By - Wages in the Making
"How many passed him by? And why? Were they late? Were they in their pajamas (which I would have been on ANY other morning except this one)? Or were they scared? Of his age, or of his color, or of both?

Others told me, 'you just have to be careful now'.... 'you just never know anymore'....'it's just too risky'.

Am I a Hero?  - It's Almost Naptime
"Is adoption the answer? Not in the long term. Adoption is chemotherapy to the cancer of the orphan crisis. And like chemo, it is painful and sickening and makes your hair fall out and sometimes it doesn't even work. In a perfect world, there would be no adoption. There would be no need."
Melissa Morin!!  YAY!!

Once upon a time, I sold Mary Kay.  And I loved it!  But then there came a time when I was so busy with River and Smidgens and CASA and our dossier and our adoption grants that something had to go.  And I stopped selling Mary Kay about a year ago.

Nowadays, I'm doing less and spending more time waiting around for that important phone call and wondering how we're going to pay for the two trips to bring her home.  Enter my old friend Mary Kay.

Here's the deal... to get started I have to put in a big order by 6pm Thursday, September 22nd (that's this Thursday).   So I am giving a major incentive to order. 

Anyone who puts in an order in any amount is entered to
win $50 in free products of your choice.  I'll have River draw a name from everyone who has ordered between now and 6pm Thursday.  Honestly, since I am just getting started, I only expect a handful of people to order.  So your chance to win will be very good.  HA HA

And here is an added incentive.  If someone else orders from me and they tell me that they heard about this from you...  then you are both entered into the drawing.  So let's say for example you order something and you tell your friend Jane about it and she orders something as well.  Then you would be entered into the drawing twice and your friend would be entered once.

You can shop on my website:

Orders can be submitted any time, but to be included in the drawing you have to order before 6pm on Thursday the 22nd.  Don't forget to tell your friends!

The little traveler.
Doing a puzzle with Daddy. I assume that is a little bit of chocolate cake on his face. He's managed to eat chocolate cake every single day!
Swimming with his "Dolphin Power" Arm Floaties.
My sister Amanda and our cousin Casey.
Tyler, Casey, Logan, Me and Amanda
Kayaking we saw a sting ray, a shark and a dolphin.
Jet Skiing we saw dolphins and manatee.
Tyler, Casey, Amanda, Me, and Logan at Cabbage Key.
A Day in the Life of a New Guatemalan Missionary
This couple recently moved to Guatemala with all of their children.  This blog post reveals the events of an average day.


The Most Beautiful Mission Trip Pictures I've Ever Seen
This amazing photographer and fellow AWAA mom recently traveled to Ethiopia and Rwanda.  They are currently fundraising to purchase cribs and beds for Noel Orphanage in Rwanda.  Scroll through her most recent posts to see the beautiful photographs of their trip. 


Awesome New Shirts
We met Christie (from Indianapolis) when we exchanged cloth diapers and covers last winter.  Actually, I've only talked to her, Amanda (my sister) met her and her cute family and commandeered the trade-off.  She and her husband are currently preparing to go into full-time missions.  But soon she and her oldest daughter are taking a trip to Ethiopia.  They have a new store where they sell the coolest t-shirts and bumper stickers.  I already have one of their t-shirts and I wear it all of the time!  Each purchase goes toward her mission trip with her daughter.


Free Shipping on Nursery Artwork
A fellow AWAA mom and amazing artist is offering free shipping when you buy two or more of her (very reasonably priced) prints.  And if you spend more than $30, she'll give you an additional 10% off your order.  All proceeds go toward their adoption expenses.  Message her before ordering so that she can arrange for your free shipping.

We started this blog one year ago today.  I honestly didn't know back then how we would ever come up with enough to say to make it worthwhile.  Now, I can't imagine what we would have done without it.  We've been able to do so much.  So many collections and fundraisers.  So much information shared.  And we've connected with some amazing people out there in the blog world.  It's been one thing that has kept us sane during this crazy year.
Our very first donation collection. This is our living room 48 hours after posting that donations were needed.
Almost 2,000 cloth diapers on our front porch in January.
We've been able to ship diapers, diaper covers, clothes and other donations to families all over the country and those families have taken hundreds of pounds of donations into Ethiopia.

I went back and read our first post.  It was riveting.  Kudos to the three people who were reading it back then. 

The First Post
09/10/2010 0 Comments

I have decided to create this blog to inform our family and friends about Ethiopia and international adoption.  I plan to update the blog weekly with information about Ethiopia and adoption with websites and information that Logan and I have found helpful throughout our process.  We realize that we have had a year to prepare and educate ourselves on adoption and Ethiopia, but many of you still have questions.  So we would like to use this blog to share with you what we've learned.  Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

Wow.  Can you even believe that didn't get any comments?
30% of every purchase made at Delicate Fortress (until Wednesday, September 14th) goes toward Because EVERY Mother Matters for the 4x4 vehicle they are trying to purchase to serve as an ambulance for 24 remote villages in Northern Ethiopia.  An ambulance that will save the lives of women who would otherwise die from childbirth complications.
With a Delicate Fortress purchase you are not only helping purchase a live-saving ambulance, but you are also purchasing products made by survivors of human trafficking.  With one purchase you are serving two great causes.  Just type BEMM in the coupon code box when you make your purchase at http://www.delicatefortress.com/.