This crazy momma is trying to collect 400 headbands to share with the girls at orphanages all over Ethiopia in February.  She wants to bring a little beauty to these girls living in squalor.  It may not save a life, but it could sure brighten a day.  She is accepting handmade and store bought headbands.  Headbands must be mailed by Valentine's Day.  Here is a link with more information, ideas and a mailing address:


I made these over the weekend...

Our dossier has now been in Ethiopia for five months.  Our adoption agency, America World, still says that the wait for an infant girl referral will be 7 - 11 months.  Things have been moving slowly lately and we're currently #12 on the unofficial wait list. 

We've said this before, but I want to clarify that the 7 - 11 month wait is not a wait for a baby to be born.  There are an estimated five million orphans in Ethiopia today.  Our adoption agency can only process so many adoptions at one time, so we are waiting for our agency to get to us on the list.  Even though the wait is long, we are happy that our adoption agency moves slowly and ethically.  We know our turn will come eventually!

As we've mentioned in earlier posts, time as we know it is totally different in Ethiopia due to their use of the Coptic Calendar. Below is a table that displays the names for each Ethiopian month as well as the coinciding Gregorian Calendar date. So, the new year in Ethiopia is actually celebrated in mid-September. Also, there is an 8 year difference between our countries - it's 2003 in Ethiopia today.  
It was almost exactly a year ago when we first told our families that we had decided on Ethiopia.  We expected them to be excited and supportive, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that they would be putting this kind of work and time into our adoption.  We just spent our ENTIRE Saturday set up assembly line style- both sides of the family, men and women- working to construct almost 200 waterproof cloth diaper covers for the orphanages that our daughter/granddaughter/cousin/niece may currently reside or will soon pass through.  Our family is as excited about and concerned about "sissy," "Emma," "baby" or whatever it is they are calling her at the moment, as we are.  (And Tonia- when I say family, that means you too.)  There is no way to say thank you and I know that isn't what they are looking for anyway, but I hope that someday when sissy/Emma/baby, or whatever her name turns out to be, looks back on the video and the pictures of today she knows how much she was loved and anticipated before we even knew her.

We have bags upon bags of diaper cover materials.  They are divided into bags of 12 smalls or 6 larges.  The bags have everything you need except the thread and a sewing machine.  So if you know how to sew and would like to make some covers, please let us know!  We'd love to get a bag to you.  Or if you live outside of our area, I can email you the pattern and instructions.

Thanks so much to all of the women who have already taken materials!

We are slowly finding families to take our cloth diapers to Ethiopia.  I learned this week that one adoption agency has actually requested their families collect cloth diapers for the orphanages.  So we aren't the only family with a house full of diapers.  Here are a couple of the other families collecting:



One of these women has just returned from Ethiopia and I wanted to share what she wrote about the conditions in the orphanages...

Well, first, my agency put out a "request" for cloth diapers..And, well, this didn't surprise me since I JUST GOT back from Ethiopia and I witnessed naked bare bottomed babies everywhere!! (not with my agency...just every where you looked) So, you don't see this in the transition homes...but you see this in the state run orphanages IN and MOSTLY OUT of the city!! So, seriously, babies are using the "bathroom" all over themselves ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT!! I held naked babies with only tshirts on EVERY WHERE i went!! And, this ISN'T to judge or cast a FROWN upon these people...THESE ORPHANAGES AND WORKERS ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN!!! They are dealing with survival and are working around the clock harder than you and I could ever imagine!! They are kind, wonderful, caring people that LOVE these babies and children...but yet...when it comes to buying things for their orphanages, they MUST choose food and formula first!!! People rarely visit these places because they are so far out...so things like cloth diapers wear out and don't get replaced!! Simply that!! So, if agencies were DONATED tons of cloth diapers...well, then they'd fill the need of their transition homes in the city...then extras can start being handed out to the state run orphanages!! (and I know transition homes are ALREADY giving out their extra supplies all the time...but most of the time THEY need new cloth diapers too...so we just need LOTS) How GREAT would that be!!

Want to help?
  • We need donations of diaper pins, size large space bags (for packing more at a time), and A&D (diaper rash cream).
  • You can also make a cash donation through our paypal button, which we will use to purchase supplies here or send with families to buy formula while they are in Ethiopia.
  • If you know how to sew I can provide you with a pattern, instructions and materials for making waterproof cloth diaper covers. 
There are collection boxes at both entrances of Linton First Christian Church or contact us and we would be happy to pick up the donations ourselves.
Another AWAA adoptive family put together this video slide show of Ethiopia statistics.  These are many of the reasons we were drawn to Ethiopia in the beginning.  You can read their blog here.
The wonderful, generous people at Toasty Baby diaper service in Fishers, Indiana have donated over 1800 cloth diapers!  We are thrilled to have these diapers to send over to the orphanages where our daughter may be right now or will be passing through in the future.  We hope these diapers are a relief to the nannies and keep many babies warm and dry. 

If you are an adoptive family traveling soon, please contact us!  We'd love to send some diapers with you!

When I first read about Little Goody 2 Shoes and the eleven year old girl with a mission to buy shoes for children in Ethiopia, I immediately purchased one of her adorable $6 necklaces.  I posted about it a while back and I know my sister bought one then.  I imagine a few others bought one too.  So I wanted to give everyone an update about the amazing work this little girl has gotten done! 

So far she's sold 314 necklaces.  She has raised $1870 and has purchased 103 pair of brand new shoes

To order a necklace and read her blog click here:
Brandy and I met some friends at Ashenda’s Ethiopian Restaurant in Bloomington last night. We were on a mission to try some new things. The food, as always, was amazing – very spicy and full of interesting flavors.

What I’d like to focus on is the appetizer we had called Siga Sambusa (or Meat Sambusa). We had previously tried Kik Sambusa, which is a vegetarian version made with lentils instead of beef, but that’s beside the point. The Siga Sambusa was fantastic. Imagine a flakier, pastry-like version of an egg roll stuffed with ground beef that’s simmered for who knows how long in a vat of many delicious spices. It was served with a sweet mango sauce that really enhanced the flavor. As with most Ethiopian food, the spiciness was just right - not too overbearing. Brandy and I quickly agreed that it was the best Ethiopian dish we’ve had so far and possibly the best appetizer we’ve ever had. We can’t wait to have it again.